Who We Are?

Our Mission

  • A world where every person recognizes the value of Occupational Therapy and has access to equality occupational therapy care.
  • Our mission is to provide universal and equitable access to all occupational therapy knowledge. We are continuously gathering the sum of all occupational therapy knowledge and making this available to all.
  • All Occupational Therapist are invited to participate in the collaborative building of continuously evolving evidence-based knowledge resource that is available to access for everyone. Through this collaborative effort, we aim to be the leading independent resource for the occupational therapy profession.
  • We are Improving healthcare and therefore make a positive contribution to global Health. OTprinciple.com will contribute to advancing professional knowledge, Which will translate into improved healthcare provision. This is our contribution to improving global health.
  • We aim to promote the profession to the wider healthcare community and to the public nationally and internationally.  As the leading professional resource OTprinciple promotes the value of the Occupational Therapy profession to others, including other healthcare professionals and the public.
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  • We are providing evidence based and continuously updating knowledge resources that is for anyone to access.
  • OTprinciple is a group of occupationl therapist and we are continuously improving and building our community where we are trying to add maximum number of occupational therapist to achieve our goal.
  • OTprincipal.com is the online occupational therapy resources and has the good social reach of the profession. It is therefore well place to raise awareness of amazing contribution that occupational therapy can make to health and wellbeing.
  • By sharing occupational therapy knowledge, other healthcare professionals have a better understanding of how to include occupational therapy into interdisciplinary care and individuals in need can understand how occupational therapy can help them to achieve good health and wellbeing.
  • As the leading professional resource OTprincipal promotes the value of Occupational Therapy profession to others, including other healthcare professionals and the public.

Our Team Members

Dipak Anand
Beth Tucker
Beth Tucker
Surbhi Priya
Surbhi Priya
Erick Vitale
Edmund Leyva